Title: More Evil Genius.

I hail from Pottsville, PA, home of coal mining and Yuengling beer. Like most people there is more to me than meets the eye, to use an awful cliché (and one of the first things you learn in journalism is to NOT use clichés). I’m extremely loyal to my friends. I want everyone to feel pure joy. I hate dissension. I would love to go back to childhood for one day to observe my family and see if I could tell where the cracks were. I’m sociable, adventurous, life of the party, but can be downright sullen and moody if I feel slighted.  I find happiness in simple things: sunsets, a perfectly formed pansy, sunlight in my bedroom.

What can I offer you? An honest answer. I don’t mince words or try to cover up an issue with a thin film of cotton candy. I tell it like it is. Crystal is a great balance to me.

Some highlights from my life: I’ve had an abusive mother who tried to do me real harm Thanksgiving weekend 1991. I survived an abusive boyfriend in my teen years, which shattered my self esteem and made me suicidal for a while. I’ve been to the depths of despair (there we go with clichés again!) and have felt at the top of my game. I lost my father in 2007 and it’s left a tremendous hole in my life. I know loss and I know gain. Maybe I can help you.


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