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07/19/2010 13:47

I am a 15 year old guy and, as I'm writing this question for help, I have a pacifier in my mouth.
I would like to know what you think of this, is it normal for a teenager to secretly suck on a pacifier?
– Anonymous   

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Dear Vive la Pacifier:

Yes. Just don’t let anyone find out about it.    





















Dear Vive la Pacifier:

Are you the only guy in the universe who does it? No. Is it something you can tell your friends and not be teased? Probably not. But look, I wouldn’t put too much merit in what’s normal. Years ago “normal” included eating from lead dishes. And then everyone ended up with lead poisoning so…

Thumb sucking isn’t going to harm you, save some possible orthodontics issues. But if it bothers YOU, perhaps you should stop. Thumb sucking in adolescents and adults is usually done for the same reason children do it – to provide comfort. Of course, as with all things we consistently do out of necessity, your go-to for comfort can become habit. Likely, what started as something you did to help calm you when you were upset, agitated, or scare is now something you do just because. If you don’t want to suck your thumb anymore, you’re going to need to find something to replace the comfort it gives you. How about martial arts, meditation, playing music? Try anything. Or, if you don’t mind the habit, then keep on keepin’ on. Just be aware that there might be some women in your future that don’t find comfort in watching you find yours.                   



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