Singing the Blues

07/16/2009 11:59

Do I quit my singing career or keep holding on it? I love to sing but the group I’m working with are taking a lot power from me. I can't take it any more I mean they won't even give me a half an hour break, why? I need to know what I have to do. Do I quit this singing or keep holding on? -- Fadel

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Dear Fadel:

Find a new band. Or go solo.                                          











Dear Fadel:

You gave us very little information, so it’s really hard to say. Is this a band? A choir? Are you doing jingles for commercials? Because depending on the scenario, I might suggest something different. If this is a band, and your “career” doesn’t include a record label or play on satellite radio, go find somebody else. There are a jillion bands out there that need a voice. If you’re talking church choir deal – well, that’s between you and your God. If he/she won’t care if you high tale it out for bigger and more peaceful pastures, than I say go. But if you’re getting paid gigs doing adverts or movie music, or your band is signed, suck it up. Because those deals don’t come by all that easy.

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