She's Going The Distance

06/25/2009 14:09

I have a thing for a boy from Tennessee and I live in Massachusetts. He is everything I have ever wanted in a guy, and I have not lowered my standards at all for him. He treats me so well, and I can see myself with him forever. Is it worth trying to make a relationship work or is it dumb? We are both 19 by the way.
Thank you in advance for your replies. --Ryanne


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Dear Ryanne:

Whew! Those boys from Tennessee! I love country boys. And shout out to MA! I lived on the North Shore for five years.
Let me preface this by telling you that I had a long distance relationship with my husband, whom I met with I was 19. Although we didn't live states apart (60 miles) it worked out for us. It just took a lot of commitment - we were together every weekend, tried to take trips when we could and talked everyday on the phone. Now with the Internet you and Mr. Tennessee can chat all night long and keep in better touch. 

I don't see why it can't work! Go for it. 




Dear Ryanne:

I say, go for it!

If Twitter, internet dating sites, and every other social media site out there has taught us anything, it’s that proximity is no longer a necessity for maintaining a relationship. Does closeness make it easier? Sure. Have some great, successful relationships started out long distance? Abso-positva-lutely. 

And as if that’s not enough, finding guys who treat women well aren’t always easy to come by, so if you’re happy with the relationship, I say do what you need to do to keep it.

Don’t let a little thing like a few hundred miles get in the way of what could be a great thing. Have faith, because you never know…this could be the relationship of a lifetime.                     






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