Shag Revisited

12/28/2009 16:18

I went away for a week during the summer. My girlfriends and I broke all the rules and learned a lot about love and ourselves. I met a really sweet boy that liked me even though I was a little on the heavy side (my nickname is Pudge). After a stormy fight we realized we loved each other and got back together to enter a dance contest.

My question is, what would be the most incredible song for us to dance too so we could win the contest? – Sandra Dee

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Dear Sandra:

"Rock Me Tonight" from Freddie Jackson. Since you're a bit pudgy, it will put you in the moooooooood.







 Dear Sandra:

How about Low by Flo-rida? With that extra weight on you, you should be able to make quite the impression when goin’ down.

But seriously, everyone knows Stagger Lee is THE only song to play when trying to win a dance contest.





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