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10/09/2009 14:53

I currently attend a private school and last year my principal kicked my sister out just because her natural hair colour is blonde. This summer the principal told her that she can get back into school if she gets all the notes that were done last year. With my help she did, now the principal denied her registration, with no reason as to why. I love my sister dearly and I want to help. is there any legal action I can take? - Natalya Angel

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Dear Angel:                       

She got kicked out only because her hair is blonde? That's discrimination. You have to get a lawyer involved. There's something very sinister going on here. This school has a screaming need for a lawsuit. Did you contact the local paper to try to get an article written? Might be worthwhile to get some publicity about this.
And why couldn't my natural color be blonde?                                 






















Dear Angel:

So two blondes walk into a bar…

Seriously, I would be stunned, and in stunned I mean flabbergasted into a coma, if the principal REALLY kicked out your sister just because her natural hair color is blonde. If he did, well, I can’t even imagine, because that could NEVER happen.

There’s more to the story, and either she’s not telling you or you’re not telling us. For instance, perhaps – and I’m going out on a limb here - she didn’t actually attend school the required number of days. I’m taking this stab based on your need to supply her notes. And if that’s the case, this has less to do with hair color than it has to do with being smart enough to not skip so much you get yourself kicked out of school. Look, maybe your sister doesn’t want to go to school. Maybe the principal is a big dick and he’s being hard on your sister. But regardless, unless you’ve got more to go on than blonde hair, I’m afraid you’ve got nothing. And to be frank, perhaps you should spend less time taking responsibility for fighting your sister’s battles, and concentrate more on your own education. Because the legal action, if any, should be hers to take. And if you’re gullible enough to believe he kicked her out because she’s a blonde, or worse, think that WE’RE gullible, than there are a few class notes of your own on which you should be concentrating.






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