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06/01/2009 08:40

I spotted this lad on a well known micro blogging sight. His bolts on line are witty, quirky and really my cup of tea. And he is in my opinion lovely looking. The only time I have had communications with him is giving advice about hangovers and I complemented him on his web site he had built. I like him. I have seen him in the town I live in a few times but never spoken. I like him but I don't want to seem scary or weird. Help!!  

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Dear SuzieOTT,

Hey, life is short. If you live in the same town or you see him around why not try to casually bump into him? Get in line next to him at the market. Flash a bright smile. Ask him, “Are you the guy who runs that site … I loved that article about ____!” Men love flattery and interest. Keep the conversation flowing until you can casually ask him if he’s seen the latest movie (or whatever his interests may be – can you find out from his site?) and voila. Mention that you should hang out sometime.


Do you have any good advice about hangovers?                          




















Dear SuzieOTT,

Saunter right up to him and tell him you’ve read his stuff and you really like it. At the risk of offending our metro-sexual readers out there – men are prideful creatures. They’re suckers for a compliment, and telling him you dig his posts is the best way to strike up a meaningful conversation with him. Initiating a tête-à-tête with him won’t make you seem scary or weird. Telling him about the beautiful babies the two of you will have together or your grandmother’s health problems when he doesn’t even know your last name – that’s what will make him run for the hills.

Once you’ve introduced yourself and complimented his work, that’s it. The rest is in his hands. When it comes to relationships, men tend to be rather simple. They either like you or they don’t. And if they like you, they’ll do just about anything – and I’m talking going really out of their way – to get a chance to chat with you. There’s not a whole lot of middle ground. So if you make that first move and disinterested he seems, just move on.

Finally, remember that at the basics of humankind always apply, and men? Well, men hunt. Once you’ve given him a taste of your smile, your great sense of humor and your awesome character, you can walk away knowing that if he likes you, he’ll find you. Don’t spend too much time fawning over his beautiful eyes or his witty humor. If he’s interested, knowing you like his writing will be just the right amount of sweet talk he needs to make the next move. And if he’s not interested, then remember that there is always somebody else out there who is.                           
















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