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06/30/2009 10:06

I'm afraid my boyfriend is talking to other girls behind my back. I have already caught him talking to girls on the Internet. Luckily I caught him the day after he sent the girl the e-mail back. He has been talking to some girl on his phone, they text each other, they go to school together and have a class together, but they've been talking quite frequently. What should I do? -- Jasmine


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Dear Jasmine:

His behavior is making you insecure, never a good thing in a relationship. If your gut is telling you he's hiding something, he most likely is. I'm sorry to say but if you have to constantly check on him because you're suspicious, it's not healthy for you. Don't you think you deserve someone who would respect you and not make you feel crazy by checking up on him to see what he's doing? You probably sit at home and wonder if he's doing what he said he'd be doing. UGH. Who needs this? No boy is worth that.           










Dear Jasmine:

In the words of every poltergeist in every horror movie ever made – GET OUT.

Any man who hides a relationship with a girl is either a) doing it because his current go to is a jealous crazy person and has totally freaked out over some simple, totally normal friendship stuff, or b) cheating.  Unfortunately, regardless of which scenario you fall under, your relationship doesn’t sound all that healthy to me. A good relationship doesn’t need to be coerced – you shouldn’t have to beg and plead someone to respect you and not lie to you. That stuff comes naturally in a healthy, loving relationship. 

So say good-bye and don’t look back. Go find someone who you can trust and who trusts you, without all that hassle.







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