Diamonds Are a Guy's Best Friend

12/29/2009 11:56

I have been cross-dressing on and off for 25 years. The urge just gets stronger. I try to stop but go back to it. I don’t know what to do?

 -- Dean

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Dear Dean:

Girl, or should I say, Boy - I say if it doesn't hurt you or anyone around you what is the harm in it? Toss on those garters and pull up those hose. And if you have any good makeup tips (especially if you can have your makeup look like Anna Nicole's), email me.                                    















Dear Dean:

What’s there to know? Throw on your best Marilyn wig, don your fanciest bra, and do the town up right. Just be sure to send us some pictures!

To be happy with who you are, you have to accept who you are. Fighting the urge to cross-dress for two decades…well, I think it’s plain to see that who YOU are is someone who enjoys wearing alternative clothing. Maybe you frequently saw your mother (feel free to flip this if you’re a female dressing in men’s clothing) in elaborate clothes and wanted to be like her. Hell, who knows. Maybe you were a Shakespearian actor in a past life and played all the female rolls. Maybe you just like the look of yourself in silk and sequins. Whatever the reason, stop fighting it. Embrace yourself. Because a well-balanced world means we need an insightful, intuitive man in a fancy dress just as much as we need a businessman in his own alternative attire – the penguin suit. 





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