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06/11/2009 14:27

As a sixteen year old girl I had a number of classmates, mainly boys, tease me about my excessive blushing. I had not blossomed into the woman I am today, having been acne ridden and awkwardly shy. These adolescent confrontations still affect me to this day. When faced with any awkward or potentially embarrassing situation, playful teasing, ridicule, or even a chance meeting with an acquaintance, I turn bright scarlet and am at a loss for words. I find myself constantly reverting back to that sixteen year old girl, when in reality I am a 22 year old woman who just wants to be free to speak her mind and be herself. 

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Dear Blushing:
Kids will tease you about anything! Boys especially ... when they like you. I think there are times that we all go back to when we were painfully insecure, no matter how old we get. It's human nature (at least that's what I tell myself).
So you get teased about blushing? I get teased about being so pale that I'd make a vampire look tan. I let it roll off my back like water from a duck. Let me ask you: does anyone mention, "gee, you turn really red," or anything to that effect or are you just projecting what you think they are thinking? I assure you few people notice these things and, honestly, when people get embarrassed or laugh hard, we turn red.
I think as you get a little older and a little more sure of yourself so many things won't bother you as they do now. And some people think a blush is really attractive (remember Edward in Twilight? He loved when Bella blushed. If you read it...).
In any case, it's better than uncontrollable farting in public. Looking at it that way, wouldn't you rather blush?
Take it easy, Blushing, and don't put so much pressure on yourself. Inside we're still all awkward teenagers out to prove ourselves.                               


















Dear Blushing:

I must say, I’m usually very Freud-like and gravitate toward an emotional, psychological cause for just about all afflictions. However, you mentioned you’ve had your blushing issue since you were a teen, and that makes me think it isn’t about unresolved adolescent angst. You might just be born with the trait of excessive blushing. Blushing is one of those leftover caveman traits – it’s an involuntary reaction that occurs because of an adrenaline rush pulsing through your body that some believe was meant as a warning signal for others to back-off. And because it’s involuntary, I’m afraid there’s really nothing you can do about it, regardless of whether it’s excessive or not. Attempts to control blushing are futile because the more you fixate on the fact that you’re blushing, the more stress you incur leading to increased adrenaline, which leads to more blushing, and so on. Sure, there are plenty of quick fixes out there claiming to help with hypnosis and surgery, but the jury is definitely still out on how effective any of these so-called fixes really are. I mean, they were that good, they’d be doctor recommended and we would all be bombarded with their commercials featuring smiling people on a beach and playing with their dogs.

So if you can’t control the blushing, what hope do you have? Well, I’ll tell you. You have the luxury of choosing to simply accept it.

Think about it:

1 – You blush. Everyone blushes, some more than others, but it’s still a part of who we are. Wanting to not blush is like wanting not to sweat. Some things in nature just happen.

2 – If anxiety leads to more blushing, then it would seem the antidote to your increased facial blood flow would be a reduction in anxiety. And step one in reducing anxiety about blushing is to accept that you were signed, sealed and delivered with it as a part of who you are.

So throw in the towel. The fat lady has sung. Give in to the mighty blood rush of blushing. You might find that, once you accept your quirks, they lose their control over you. And who knows, maybe if you don’t stress over the blushing, over time, you might reduce the anxiety associated with it and not blush as much.                          


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