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Date 11/08/2013
By hiumgf
Subject オークリー アウトレット

Date 08/04/2011
By Linda
Subject The Office At Pooh Corner

Dear Crystal, not too long ago I wrote about a very embarrassing bathroom experience that I had at my place of work, and I was very upset. I wanted to thank you for your kind and understanding words. I could sense that you felt for me and my situation, and that made it easier to listen to your advise. As difficult as it was for me, I took your advise and went back to work and faced my friends. And you were right. It wasn't so bad. My friends were still my friends, and some of them even told me about times that something similar happened to them. My friends don't love me any less, and they still respect me, and we still have a lot of fun together. I know that's what you said would happen, and after you said it, I trusted you, and you were right. It was a very humiliating experience for me, and I was very upset when it happened, but your words not only made me feel better, but they proved to be a source of guidance for me that helped me to get over it, and to keep the good friends that I have. Thank you.

Date 06/29/2010
By Phoebe
Subject Not My Sister's Keeper

I can relate to this one. I completely agree with the advice!

Date 08/14/2009
By Toni
Subject Mother, Mother, Toil and Trouble

Thanks Mary and Crystal. Both of you gave great advice and I really appreciate them both. I am thinking of writng a letter. I will keep you posted. Take Care and Thanks again!

Date 08/15/2014
By Smitha233
Subject John

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