06/10/2009 16:03

Cheating is Only Fun in Vegas

Hello SE ladies, I hope this finds you well. I have been in a relationship with my lady for about a year. At one point I thought I had found the love of my life (I'm a 34 yr old divorcee). A lot has happened over that time good and bad .. a few things that could have easily been deal...
06/09/2009 16:01

Sophmore Sorrows

I am sixteen years old and I am a sophomore. I used to date this guy - we were never boyfriend and girlfriend but we were definitely dating. He is a senior, he's 2nd in his class president of national honors society and school president. He got into Georgetown, but then decided to go to UNC on a...
06/04/2009 08:42

Hook Up Caused a Shook Up

I really like this guy. We have hooked up a few times but we weren't necessarily involved. I hooked up with another guy when I was drunk and the guy that I like is really upset. I had no idea that he had those kind of feelings for me. He means so much to me. I don't want to lose him....
06/01/2009 08:40

Longing in the UK

I spotted this lad on a well known micro blogging sight. His bolts on line are witty, quirky and really my cup of tea. And he is in my opinion lovely looking. The only time I have had communications with him is giving advice about hangovers and I complemented him on his web site he had built....
05/28/2009 08:38

House of Pain

Hey there – I have been married 12 years. We have a mixed family… I had 2 children from my 1st marriage and he had 1 from his and now we have a child together. Approximately 5 years ago his daughter moved in with us and caused major problems (she was 12), not just between my husband and I, but...
05/19/2009 15:07

Ladies and Germs

Dear SE Girls, Yuck! It just happened again: a coworker came over and put his hand on my mouse, driving his way around my computer program. How can I tell people to not touch things in my cube? It really grosses me out. - Germ A. Phobe    What Mary...
05/13/2009 11:14

Mommy Dearest

Dear Speakeasy, Growing up I had a rocky relationship with my mom. She left the home when I was 12 and found a new life that included drinking and another man. I rarely saw her and I couldn't even go to her for help picking out a prom dress without her being drunk or blaming me for everything. She...
05/08/2009 10:47

Sex Drought

Dear Speak Easy, I am a woman in my early 30s and have been married for 6 years. My husband is fantastic, has a great job and is a wonderful father to our daughter. It would probably be the ideal marriage, except I have absolutely no desire for sex. This is not a...


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